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The Fledging Birders Institute's Guide to
"A Birder's Guide to Everything"
see official ABGTE website

What are the critics
saying about
"A Birder's Guide
to Everything"?

"At the heart of the film is
a sweetness and naiveté
about life, love, and loss.
Simply put, this film’s got
a little something for
everyone, birder or not."
Audubon Magazine

"It's a positive sign . .
that in [this] heartfelt
coming-of-age movie
. . .birding has reached
cultural saturation
sufficiently that it's
treated not as a
gimmick. . .
but as an extension
of character"
Joel Arnold, NPR

"More organically tied to
nature’s wonders than
2011′s raucous birder
comedy “The Big Year,”
this amiable teen laffer,
remarkably free of snark,
could score with general
- Ronnie Sheib, Variety
Why should birders get behind "A Birder's Guide to Everything"?

Our bird populations face constant threats including, but not limited to, habitat
loss/degradation, invasive species (competition and predation), pollution, and many
other natural and anthropogenic threats.

While there are many dedicated people working hard to conserve our birds, their work
is significantly hindered by challenges such as funding and public policy.

What is one thing that would help mitigate both the threats to birds AND the challenges
that bird conservationists need to navigate?  

The answer is simple -  increased public engagement in bird conservation.

Yet, this engagement doesn't spontaneously erupt from people's pores (or wallets). It
needs to be initially inspired then carefully cultivated.

"A Birder's Guide to Everything" provides us with a bird-infused mainstream, pop
culture moment that we can use to introduce our friends to the joys of birding. Even
more importantly, the movie also touches on the profound ways in which birding
positively impacts the lives of so many birders of all ages.

The movie can be a less-threatening first birding experience for the non-birders in our
lives. There is no hiking. There are no bugs to bite you. It won't be too cold or too hot.
There is no pressure to find or identify any birds. Heck, they don't even need to be
confounded by trying to use binoculars for the first time.

All they have to do is an incredibly simple action with which they are likely very familiar.
Go to the movies!

So, bring a few friends to go see "A Birder's Guide to Everything" and get ready to
fledge of few new birding buddies.  It's good for the birds and good for your friends!
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