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Osprey, Northern Cardinal, and Great Blue Heron images
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The Fledging Birders Institute's Guide to
"A Birder's Guide to Everything"
see official ABGTE website

What are the critics
saying about
"A Birder's Guide
to Everything"?

"At the heart of the film is
a sweetness and naiveté
about life, love, and loss.
Simply put, this film’s got
a little something for
everyone, birder or not."
Audubon Magazine

"It's a positive sign . .
that in [this] heartfelt
coming-of-age movie
. . .birding has reached
cultural saturation
sufficiently that it's
treated not as a
gimmick. . .
but as an extension
of character"
Joel Arnold, NPR

"More organically tied to
nature’s wonders than
2011′s raucous birder
comedy “The Big Year,”
this amiable teen laffer,
remarkably free of snark,
could score with general
- Ronnie Sheib, Variety
"A Birder's Guide to Everything" is a great way to spark an interest in birding.

Birding clubs could also use this opportunity to appeal to potential new members!
Watch trailer!         Why ABGTE?          How to use ABGTE!        Director's Interview
Here are some tips to maximize this unique bird outreach opportunity:

1. Hold an ABGTE movie party at your local theater. This may mean bringing a
couple of friends to the movies with you. Your bird club could even use the movie as a
meeting at your local theater. Be sure to invite the general community as well!

2. Host a table at your local theater.  Contact the manager of the theater and ask to
set up a table with birding information that relates to the movie. You can put out a list
of the common/cool birds in your area, some field guides, and a map of local birding
sites. Invite the local rehab/education center to bring some special guests as well.
Don't forget to include your club's event calendars and membership forms.

3. Your organization could host a special screening of ABGTE.  If the movie is
NOT playing in your area, arrange a screening yourself! You or your organization can
request to
host such a screening through tugg.

4. Dinner and a Movie. Go a step beyond a movie night by adding a bird-themed
dinner as well. Sushi can be a good choice - think of all the birds that eat real sushi -
herons, waterfowl, eagles, osprey, kingfishers etc.   We could always do wings too. It
may not be the best bird conservation message but it would connect people to birds!

5. Show Hollywood that we want bird movies! If birders show up to this movie AND
bring non-birding friends with them, our contribution to the movie's "box office" would
make a statement to Hollywood that we are an audience that deserves attention. This
could very easily lead to more movies about birding.
More movies about birds and
birding will give US (the birding community) more chances to connect new
people to birding through pop culture.

Will they all be perfect movies? No way, but they will give us repeated opportunities to
talk birds and bird conservation with people who otherwise would not care at all.

As birders, we can be very protective of how we and our hobby are portrayed in the
media. This was a hindrance to our chance to capitalize on "The Big Year" a few years
ago. ABGTE's director Rob Meyer treats his birding characters respectfully. He even
enrolled the help of Kenn Kaufman as consultant for that reason.