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Osprey, Northern Cardinal, and Great Blue Heron images
courtesy of www.scottelowitzphotography.com
The Fledging Birders Institute's Guide to
"A Birder's Guide to Everything"
see official ABGTE website

What are the critics
saying about
"A Birder's Guide
to Everything"?

"At the heart of the film is
a sweetness and naiveté
about life, love, and loss.
Simply put, this film’s got
a little something for
everyone, birder or not."
Audubon Magazine

"It's a positive sign . .
that in [this] heartfelt
coming-of-age movie
. . .birding has reached
cultural saturation
sufficiently that it's
treated not as a
gimmick. . .
but as an extension
of character"
Joel Arnold, NPR

"More organically tied to
nature’s wonders than
2011′s raucous birder
comedy “The Big Year,”
this amiable teen laffer,
remarkably free of snark,
could score with general
- Ronnie Sheib, Variety
Interview with ABGTE's director and co-writer
Watch trailer!         Why ABGTE?          How to use ABGTE!        Director's Interview
Award-winning director Rob Meyer opens up about making ABGTE, honoring the
integrity of birding and birders on film, his own birding experiences, and more

Click here to read the entire interview
(pdf download)