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Osprey, Northern Cardinal, and Great Blue Heron images
courtesy of www.scottelowitzphotography.com
Welcome to the Video Archive for the
Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding Conference
at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
Bloomington, MN
Watch live streaming video from USFWSMidwest at livestream.com
Welcome:  Charlie Blair of Minnesota Valley NWR ( 5:45) and
Dave Magpiong of Fledging Birders Institute (15:00 )

Do we REALLY need to focus on diversity in birding?
moderator Sharon Stiteler of BirdChick.com (27:30),  
Paul Baicich  from Great Birding Projects (28:30),
J. Drew Lanham of Clemson University (46:40),
Kenn Kaufman of Kaufman Field Guides (1:03:50)
Barriers to Birding Panel
moderator David Ringer  of National Audubon Society (7:30),  
Roy Rodriguez  from Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park (11:20),  
Dudley Edmondson from Black and Brown Faces in America's Wild Places (30:40)
J. Drew Lanham  from Clemson University (37:40), and
Douglas Gray  from Indianapolis Audubon Society (47:27)
Watch live streaming video from USFWSMidwest at livestream.com
Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to others - to promote both healthy living and bird conservation.