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Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to our youth - to promote their healthy development and bird conservation.
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Fledging Birders Institute      P.O. Box 1774     Bellmawr, NJ 08099
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Osprey, Northern Cardinal, and Great Blue Heron images
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The Fledging Birders Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the dual
mission of enhancing the healthy development of our youth with the profound benefits
of birdwatching AND promoting public awareness of avian diversity and factors which
threaten it thereby fostering a societal bird conservation ethic.
Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding
Online Sponsorship Interface
Northern Flicker - $250+
- listing in conference program
and on conference related web pages
Canada Goose - $500+
- listing in conference program
-linked logo on related digital materials
- linked logo on event-related web pages
Bald Eagle - $1,000+
- logo in conference program and
- logo on other printed event materials*
-linked logo on event-related web pages
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-listed on event signage
Whooping Crane - $2,500+
- referenced as Conference Partner
in all event related press releases
-  linked logo on all related digital materials
- linked logo on event-related web pages
-  logo on conference program and other
printed conference materials*
-  logo on signage at event
Some benefits of sponsoring this important even include:
- Increased visibility for organizations which serve the birding community
- Highlight a sense of community for a growing customer base
- Show your commitment to bird conservation
- Demonstrate a concern for increasing the participation rate of “minorities”
in outdoor recreation activities
- Support bird education outreach programs
Get a FREE conference registration at the Northern Flicker level or above
* - other printed event materials MAY include t-shirts, tote bags, etc to be determined later
Your support of this conference will make it more successful.
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