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Fledging Birders Challenge Guidelines
First, you form a "team". This could be a whole class, your own kids and their friends, a few
students that come to school early for birding, or you could even
start your own "young birders
club" to get more local kids involved with birding!

Your team works together to find and identify the various bird species observed either
from your
school or in your own community
in a single month.  This means you will need to keep a
running list of the birds you find throughout the month.  At the end of the month, you complete
appropriate submission form and checklist online! (Click on links to the right. )

On the first day of the next month, you start a new list for the next challenge!

The basic rules are simple:
1) Boundaries are your school grounds or your neighborhood.
As long as you are standing
either on school grounds (for school groups) or in your local neighborhood (for community
groups), you can count any birds that you observe and identify by sight or sound.
You may
adopt a local park as your search zone but it must be within your own town!

2) Not all team members need to be present for each outing. However, all observations must be
made by at least 2 young birders (17 and younger).  For each outing, species identifications
must be agreed upon by all members of the group.

3) Two (2) Grand Prizes shall be awarded each month during the school year. The youth group
with the highest monthly total of species identified in their community will receive one of our
monthly Grand Prize packages. The "top" birding mentors, based on the number youth
participants and number of outings, will be also entered into a drawing for a monthly Grand Prize.

4) For school groups, cooperating teachers MUST supervise all outings. For community
groups, it is strongly recommended that at least 1 parent sponsor be present for each outing.
The Fledging Birders Institute is NOT responsible for the safety or actions of any
individual participating in the Fledging Birders Challenge.

4) For school groups, students' relatives (parents, grandparents, etc.) or others can act as
chaperones or coaches for the class or birding club - at the school's discretion. Outside
assistance may be particularly helpful for teachers who are not bird enthusiasts (yet!).

5) Submission form and checklist must be received by the deadline.