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We look forward to
reading about your
monthly youth
birding adventures.
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The sustainability of the birding community and bird populations relies heavily on  
concerted efforts to reach out to the younger people as well as broader audiences.  
In recent years, organizations around the country have formed "Young Birders Clubs"
designed bring up a new generation of birders.
We humbly ask you, and perhaps
some birding friends, consider giving your own version of this idea a shot.

You may elect to bring just your own kids, nieces/nephews, or grandchildren out on
occasion to look for birds in your neighborhood or local park. Perhaps you can extend
yourself a bit further and invite some of their friends along. The more often you take
these trips, the stronger the birding foundation you will build. It takes time and
patience to bring someone from total unawareness to an appreciation of birds and
ultimately, to an active advocate for birds! This
process of fledging new birders is
quite rewarding since you are making a real difference for both the youth and birds!

If you're feeling brave enough, you may even consider broadening your influence by
starting a new group such as "My Town" Young Birders Club complete with a
monthly meeting and field trips to birding hot spots throughout your region.

There are
several such groups thriving around the country right now.
The Black Swamp Bird Observatory has sponsored the Ohio Young Birders Club for a
few years and has
provided some of their student forms as a resource for others
looking to start their own group.  You can reach the
BSBO's Education Director Ken
Keffer for some guidance in launching a your own local club for young birders.

Delaware Dunlins are another very active group with monthly field trips. Their
website includes reports and photo of each field trip. A little exploration of their site and
you will witness the value of birding to these youngsters. Delaware Ornithological
Derek Stoner does a tremendous job with this group and would be another
valuable resource for anyone about to venture into their own Young Birders' Club.