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What exactly does "Fledging Birders" mean?
When many baby birds hatch, they are completely helpless and depend upon the diligent
efforts of a parent  to survive. A parent tirelessly forages to bring food back to feed the
hatchlings for weeks on end. They slowly nurture their offspring until they can survive
independently. This tedious process of raising a baby bird until it's ready to fly from the
nest is known as

"Fledging birders" is the process of patiently and creatively nurturing an appreciation of
birds in others until they're ready to "fly" on their own. Our philosophy parallels how a
mother bird raises its helpless, or altricial*, offspring - little tidbits at a time in an ongoing
and consistent manner.
The Fledging Birders Institute is a non-profit environmental education
organization with the dual mission of enhancing the healthy development of
our youth with the profound benefits of birdwatching AND promoting public
awareness of avian diversity and factors which threaten it thereby fostering a
societal bird conservation ethic.
Fledging Birders Institute
a New Jersey non-profit corporation
Why a Fledging Birders Institute?
The Fledging Birders Institute (FBI) has the unique focus of actively exposing new and
broader audiences to the enjoyment and benefits of birdwatching. Our approach
incorporates state-of-the-art educational theories and methods with avian knowledge to
create meaningful and enticing exposures to birds for potential future birdwatchers.

In addition to conducting our own birding programs, the FBI also works to empower
birdwatchers of all levels to become more effective birding ambassadors that can excite
or inspire those around them to learn more about their local birds and, ideally, become
vested with the bird conservations actions that will also serve the environment well.

For more info about the Fledging Birders Institute, read about our history.
* - Altricial  birds are those that are blind, featherless, and helpless when hatched - such as herons, hawks,
woodpeckers, and songbirds. Precocial birds, however, are nearly immediately mobile and covered in down.
Ducks, geese, and  chickens are some examples of precocial birds.
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Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to others - to promote their healthy development and bird conservation.