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The Fledging Birders philosophy
has been shared with birders from
the rocky coast of Maine to the
beaches of Key West to the banks
of the winding Rio Grande in Texas.

Our audiences have ranged from
casual visitors at the Philadelphia
Zoo to prominent bird educators
and conservationists at the 2008
International Partners In Flight

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The Fledging Birders Method: Aimed at the adult birding community, this program is perfect
for clubs and organizations looking for ways to get younger people involved with birding. Not only
will you walk away from the presentation with new tools to recruit future birders, you will also
gain a new appreciation for many familiar birds!
Avian Academics:  By highlighting bird connections to various academic disciplines, creative
educators can truly enhance their programs and activities. This program will help teachers and
parents incorporate birds into school assignments across the curriculum to improve student
motivation and achievement based on Differentiated Instruction principles. Informal educators can
also explore these academic connections to boost the benefits for young program participants.
Life Takes Flight: Suitable for all audiences*, this lively presentation focuses on the many
parallels between the our lives and the bird world. Together, we'll explore how birds have inspired
our technology and culture. You're sure to be amused when we share some unexpected
connections between the behavior of humans and our feathered friends.
* A very entertaining "Mature Audience Only" version is available as well!
FB2SB: Fledging Birders to Save Birds: This conservation focused presentation is ideal for
birding clubs and other environmental-concerned groups. We will discuss general problems facing
our bird populations. Then the program will help you discover effective ways of building a public
bird-conservation ethic in your own community.
"The energetic Magpiong, it should be noted, is the kind of teacher who
could probably make the Dewey Decimal System
                                       - CourierPost
Fledging Birders Presentations and Programs
Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to others - to promote both healthy living and bird conservation.