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A Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding
Diversity in Birding Action Plans
The first two Focus on Diversity Conference resulted in dozens of
bird outreach programs to reach new audiences.

Help us continue such efforts to build birding and bird conservation!
Expand Light Rail to Refuge Program to new audiences and organizations

Create a Birding activity at annual winter family event

Engage private and parochial high schools with natural birding experience

Increase participation of Latino students in immersion summer camp

Partner with regional social workers to bring "healing power of nature" to families in crisis

Create "parallel bird ed. programs - youth & novice adults" / Write birding column for local papers

"Teacher Training Sessions" with MN WILD and PLT Programs

Engage local tribal members in birdwatching activities by utilizing tribal young adults as mentors

Initiate language-based connections between Lakota and the park

Partner with multicultural center in LaCrosse for birding trip to refuge

"It's YOURS TOO Day" promotion campaign via news media to encourage public visitation to NWRS

"Birding exchange program" between local youth and peers in Colombia

Establish Wisconsin Young Birders Club

Translate Indiana Young Birders Club Newsletter to Spanish

Create videos using local naturalists to promote outdoor recreation and local wildlife diversity

Host a "Family Birding and Nature Day" at East Park Reservoir in Spring 2012

Teen "Explorers Club" will mentor younger children on bird walks

Engage South African youth in conservation through bird watching activities

Get a diverse group of students involved with tree planting at local NWR

Engage Latino population in conservation along Kittatinny Ridge IBA

Include Latino community from Hoqiuam, WA in programs and activities

Make the NWRS more "accessible" and "user friendly", including for Spanish-speaking visitors

Recruit more fellowship projects that address birding activities

Develop Spanish-language component of our real-time nature observation website

Connect successful programs to increase diversity & employ relevant mentors

Urban Bird Treaty to expand education outreach to diverse audiences

Promote birding at Haverford Township Nature Center (once it opens)

Invite low socio-economic families to birdwalks in local parks

Convene a Congress of Enviro. Clubs from area schools for Phenological Monitoring Project

Increase Hispanic visitorship at Forsythe NWR

Develop relationship with local black birders and Wissahickon BGC for birding opportunities
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Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to others - to promote their healthy development and bird conservation.