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for our  
bird education
efforts with
Fledging Birders'  
The international
Pledge to Fledge
effort has helped
introduce people
around the world
to the joy of
watching birds!
Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's
Great Backyard Bird Count site to get
involved with the Pledge to Fledge =)
If interested in another
Focus on Diversity Conference
Email us to get involved
It's been almost 6 years
since the last
Focus on Diversity
in McAllen, Texas.

We need to keep this
discussion moving!
Are you ready to
bring new audiences
to birding activities,
build awareness of
birds, &
get people
engaged in
bird conservation
Contact us about bringing the
Focus on Diversity Forum
to your area or organization.
Email us to make it happen!
A Birder's Guide to Everything
You can use this
delightful movie
for bird outreach!!

Why is this important?!
How to use it
View the Trailer
Interview w/
Director Rob Meyer
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