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A Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding

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Presentations to include:
American Birders:  Who are we?   So What?   OK, Now What?!
Presenters will discuss the current demographics of the birding community, examine the
implications this holds for the conservation and the birding community, and general
considerations for moving into a sustainable future for all involved.  
presenters: Sharon Stiteler, Drew Lanham, Kenn Kaufman, Paul Baicich

Why Should People Bird?!  The Benefits of Birding
We know that birding is fun however the activities and processes involved with birding
also hold tremendous health, developmental, and social benefits for individual birders.
presenters: Dudley Edmondson and Dave Magpiong

Guia de campo a las aves de norteamerica
Kenn Kaufman will share his decision and the work involved to produce the first
(and only!) field guide to North American birds written entirely in Spanish.

Panel Discussions/Q-n-A Sessions include:
Barriers of Birding for Americans Panel
What social, environmental, historical, and perhaps even cultural factors keep people of
various backgrounds from birding or, for that matter, exploring the natural world in almost any
way? These important issues will be examined through studies, personal anecdotes from our
panel, questions from the audience, and a facilitated discussion.
panelists: Roy Rodriguez, Susan Bonfield, Doug Gray, and Keith Russell

Effective Strategies for Reaching Diverse Audiences
The most successful performers, public speakers, and teachers know how to reach to their
audience. To be successful, bird educators must know not just how to find and identify birds
but also how to make the overall birding experience relevant to others. This panel will share
general considerations for bringing the joy and benefits of birding to more Americans.
panelists: Anita Guris, Flisa Stevenson, Dudley Edmondson,
Roy Rodriguez, and Drew Lanham

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