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Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to our youth - to promote their healthy development and bird conservation.
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The Fledging Birders Challenge (FBC) is a monthly bird watching contest open to students,
scouts, and other youth groups across North America. Participants in the FBC will work together
to observe, identify, and record various bird species found on their school grounds, local
neighborhood, or even a designated park
within their own community. At the end of the
month, the groups submit their sightings and birding stories to qualify for a
monthly Grand Prize.

Fledging Birders Challenge also encourages adult birders to take youth under their wing
and actively engage them in birding activity. Take your children, grandchildren, students, scouts,
niece/nephew, and their friends on LOCAL bird outings. Help them find and observe birds in their
own communities. When you submit your monthly sightings list, please include the number of
youth and outings that were conducted. The most prolific birding mentor each month will also

receive special prizes

Learn more about
being a birding mentor and starting your own Young Birders Club!
Welcome to the Fledging Birders Challenge!
The main objective of our challenges is to get more young people
outside and exploring nature via bird watching. While this popular
hobby provides life long enjoyment for enthusiasts, it also holds many
profound benefits for everyone, especially children. These include:
  • exercising observation skills - both visual and auditory
  • increased ability to focus on tasks
  • improving communication skills
  • behavioral and impulse control
  • bolstering self-esteem and confidence
  • provides relaxation and stress relief opportunities
  • positive peer socialization activities
  • reinforcing various academic concepts
We look forward to hearing about your bird sightings and other natural adventures!
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