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A Focus on Diversity:
Changing the Face of American Birding

Taking Action for Diversity in Birding
Host a "Family Birding and Nature Day" at East Park Reservoir in Spring 2012
Audubon Pennsylvania, Delaware Valley Ornithological Club, and others

Teen "Explorers Club" will mentor younger children on bird walks

Engage South African youth in conservation through bird watching activities
Chidi Agostinelli

Get a diverse group of students involved with tree planting at local NWR

Engage Latino population in conservation along Kittatinny Ridge IBA
Audubon Pennsylvania

Include Latino community from Hoqiuam, WA in programs and activities
Grays Harbor NWR

Make the National WIldlife Refuge System more "accessible" and
"user friendly", including for Spanish-speaking visitors

Recruit more fellowship projects that address birding activities
Together Green Program

Develop Spanish-language component of our real-time
nature observation website

Connect successful programs to increase diversity & employ relevant mentors
Ward Museum and Maryland Coastal Bays Program

Urban Bird Treaty to expand education outreach to diverse audiences
US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Hispanic Environmental Council, and US Forest Service

Promote birding at Haverford Township Nature Center (once it opens)

Encourage other students (particularly from low socio-economic statuses
and "minorities")
to learn about birdlife in local parks
PA High School Student

Convene a Congress of Environmental Clubs from area schools to
work together on Phenological Monitoring Project
Lehigh Gap Nature Center

Increase Hispanic visitorship at Forsythe NWR

Develop relationship with local African-American birders and
Wissahickon Boys and Girls Club for birding opportunities
Fern Culhane and other local birders
Conference participants were challenged to set realistic goals for reaching new, broader
audiences with birding opportunities. They were encouraged to develop siple action
plans to achieve these goals in the coming months.

Participants gathered in small groups based on similar areas of expertise to exchange
ideas and discuss effective strategies. Many of these small groups resulted in pending
partnerships for new programs.

Some of the resulting goals include:
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Bringing the joy AND BENEFITS of birding to others - to promote their healthy development and bird conservation.